F3 Greenwood Tsunami is the latest edition of bootcamps to hit the Greenwood area for F3. It is 6am-6:45 on Tuesday and Thursday , located at Emerald High School and directly following Shipyard bootcamp on those days. It was developed for several reasons.

F3 has been very beneficial to many men in our area spiritually, physically, and in developing tight bonds with new and old friends. Several men have shown interest , but felt the 5:15 time was just too early. This time was introduced both as a gateway to let people see what F3 is about at a time that mentally they can accept as well as for some guys whose families are older and stay up later. This time allows them to spend more quality time at night with them before retiring to bed. Tsunami also offers a unique option for the hard core super fit.

In partnering with Shipyard, a fit man could actually have opportunity to complete both workouts to get an hour and a half of full intense cardio sweat! We welcome all men to give us a try, we think you will enjoy the fellowship and the variety Tsunami has to offer.

Ride the Wave

Day of Week Start Time End Time Workout Style
Tuesday 0600 0700 Bootcamp
Thursday 0600 0700 Bootcamp

Tsunami AOQ – Pusher