Run the Wood

F3 Greenwood’s run group, Run the Wood, offers several options and welcomes runners of all different levels. All runs begin at 5:15 AM sharp and wrap up at 6 AM, although it is not uncommon for some to choose to go XL and start at 5(or even earlier) to get in a couple extra miles.

Monday has two run options: The Fountain Out-and Back and Hustle. The Fountain O-n-B starts at the Uptown Greenwood Fountain and is for those trying to get as many miles as possible in 45 minutes. Hustle is for PAX looking for speed work. It meets at The Shipyard(Emerald High School) and usually consists of track work designed to increase speed and endurance.

Wednesday is the most popular run day for F3 Greenwood. The Starbucks 5k route challenges PAX to push for PRs each week. The reward waiting at the end of the run is the best 2nd F in F3 Greenwood. PAX stick around after the COT, drink coffee or other drinks of their choice, and enjoy each other’s company before starting their day.

The workweek wraps up with a return to the Uptown Fountain for the R.E.D. Friday Hero Hills run. PAX post for hill work on one of the several routes around Uptown Greenwood. Friday is the day we Remember Everyone Deployed(R.E.D.) by wearing red when we post and sharing the story of a fallen soldier with the group.

Whether you are training for a race or just wanting to get started running, Run the Wood has something for you.

Out and Back Monday
The Hills are Alive on Friday

Hustle on Monday

Get the Coffee Runs on Wednesday

Day of Week Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style
Mon Uptown Fountain Out-n-Back 0515 0615 Run
Emerald High School Hustle 0515 0615 Run
Wed Starbucks Coffee Runs 0515 0615 Run
Greenwood High School Clover (currently closed) 0500 0600 Run
Fri Uptown Fountain The Hills are Alive 0515 0615 Run

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