Workout is late BB might as well be…..

Yes this BB is late, a week to be exact, sorry. With BRR approaching quickly YHC continues to Q upperbody and ab workouts. I joked that today would be a Mini Meatloaf, in reference to the Meatloaf Massacre that is Q’d occasionally at RedFriday. Disclaimer given Mosey to the coupons and assemble at the corner […]

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Reflections on a year gone by

Disclaimer Warm up: 15 SSH in cadence 15 LBAC front , back and overhead in cadence 15 cut the grass The Main Thang: starting at one sideline: 50 merkins run to other sideline 15 burpies and run back to other sideline 50 big boi sit up run to other sideline 14 burpies and run back […]

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Waiting on the Sun, Waiting,, Waiting,, Waiting

Conditions: Post apocalyptic. Disclaimer was given. Warm-up: Proceeded to secure coupons and met at the goal line of the grass field. A quick warm-up of 15 side straddle hops, 15 grass cutters, and 15 imperial walkers. Thang: 20 Man Makers run to the 40 (Bean took us to the other 40), then 40 LBCs, run […]

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Sauna time on the Concrete Monster!

Conditions: In a word SAUNA. Disclaimer was given. Warm-up: Proceeded to secure coupons and met at the bottom of the Concrete Monster. A quick warm-up of 15 side straddle hops, 15 air squats, 15 grass cutters, and 15 imperial walkers to get the sweat flowing. Thang: 10 Man Makers rifle carry block to first double […]

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The calm before the storm

Of course the threat of Godzilla kept most of the PAX at other locations. Good turnout today.  At 6 am, the PAX of Tsunami headed to grab a coupon. Noticebly absent was none other than YHC who came rolling in at 6:02.  Ran to catch up to guys and off with our coupons we headed.  […]

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And one more……..

YHC was a last hour , kind of, replacement for his own AOQ.  Of course, if we would have not told anyone, many would have shown up for the Nantan lead.  But, word got out, and everyone had the fear of godzilla appearing and fled.   No godzilla today, but there were parts from past leads […]

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A Full Body Tsunami Wave

Conditions – a pleasant 65 degrees. Disclaimer – Given. Warm Up – Mosey to the field The Thang: 100 Merkins – Run 200m 50 Supermans – Run 200m 100 Elevated Pike Merkins – Run 200m 50 Burpees – Run 200m 100 Tri Dips – Run 200m 50 Lunges – Run 200m 100 Ab exercise of […]

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Just Some Basic Exercises

In preparation for this Q, YHC decided to join the spirit of those training for the BRR.  After a little research of some Hero workouts, a decision was made.  Here’s how it went:   Conditions: Maybe a little cooler but still humid!   Disclaimer – Given   Warm-ups: 25 LBC’s OYO 25 Flutter Kicks OYO 20 […]

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Wave on Wave

I totally forgot about this song, but thought it was fitting for Tsunami.  I always liked it.  Anyway, 6 folks including Blue Print on the DD (after his surprise Q) showed up and put in some work.  I am somewhat tapering for the Spartan race on Saturday, so I didn’t go heavy on the burpees or weights […]

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Screw Fury

Conditions: humid   Disclaimer: given   YHC was a little miffed when evidently some Russian antagonist got on YHC communication line and tried to influence the PAX on their vote on where to post this AM.   Evidently, he should not have cared because almost all that were reached out to decided to Fartsack in.  But […]

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