You never even called you by your name

Disclaimer Nice and 60 degrees- perfect! Warm up- 20 SSH cadence 20 cut the grass 12 foward and backward LBAC Little cardio warmup- Mosey across street and up hill .  10 burpees at top and back to Terrapin lot. Main thang-  partner up.  2 workouts going. change off til 4 rounds complete. Set one- 15 […]

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Three Concrete Monsters

3 PAX posted for a post-Super Bowl trip up what was planned to use the three concrete monsters that are unique to Terrapin (more on that later). YHC had other ideas for this workout when signing up for this Q but Mother Nature changed that yesterday, so, it will have to wait until next time. […]

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If it’s good enough for Fury…

  YHC can be guilty of copying the theme or style of a previously Qed workout and doing it very similarly at a different AO. This workout was a similar concept to a Fury Q a few weeks ago while incorporating KettleBells and the BattleRope. Disclaimer – given WarmUp 2 rounds of: 10 SSH IC […]

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Shoulders cooked, Not just smoked

Weather was nice, around 39 degrees.  Glad to see Bengay to avoid the awkward 2 man BOM.  YHC promised a leg friendly workout, and it was delivered.  Unfortunately the shoulders suffered greatly. Disclaimer was given.  This is what we did. Warm up 25 SSH IC 15 Grass Cutters IC THE THANG 25- Merkins x 2 […]

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Terrapin Station in the Teens!

Uncle Jesse had an appointment with a Country Music Legend last night, and asked if someone wanted to step and take his Q.  I needed some extra motivation to ensure that I would actually post this morning, so I quickly volunteered. Conditions: Cold, really Cold, really really really Cold, or about normal for Greenwood so […]

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Terrapin Triple Hills

3 PAX along with several other sketchy folks showed up at Terrapin this morning.  Only three of us were there to workout.  The other folks seemed to be up to no good, but as I mentioned during the workout, “I have previously done some sketchy things so let’s don’t call the police”.   Upon starting […]

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It was a good day

15 PAX (Plus 2 additional who did not get the change in time memo) gathered at the Fountain for a New Year’s Day convergence.  The idea was to dedicate half of the one hour time slot to running the traditional out and back, while the other half would incorporate our bootcamp style work.   It […]

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2 – 7

2-7, that was the temperature this morning.  It was cold.  2-7 is also said to be the worst hand you can draw in poker.  It felt like that this morning as folks had real concerns about losing a few phalanges.  Fortunately we all made through the work with all body parts intact.   Coming off my […]

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Best thing about New Year’s is the Christmas Lights

We had 3 HCs for what was projected to be a cold morning and I was expecting low numbers.  Fortunately, 4 others showed up and we put in some work in the Terrapin gazebo complete with festive Christmas lights. It went down like this:   Grab block and mosey to Gazebo:   21-15-9 (Complete 21 […]

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Dora goes postal

12 guys post to Terrapin to find out when Dora wakes up early on Monday, she’s not so sweet and innocent. Warm-up: (To give a couple of “just in the nick of timers a chance to settle in and to show that I can use the correct terminology when I want to) SSH x15 IC […]

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