Beanless Indians on the Monster

Perfect weather, expecting a good crowd.  Only 5 post.  No AOQ, no Bean, but we did have the Nantan- so we are good. Disclaimer given, mosey down to pickup coupons and gather at the bottom of the concrete monster.  YHC then explains that he likes to do something that he hates when he Qs.  So […]

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Soggy Bottoms at the Shipyard

6 pax posted at the Shipyard for some work on what I thought would be a less soggy turf field. I was wrong… COP 25 SSHs 25 IWs 25 Goblet Squats 25 curls 25 Alpos Mosey to the football field for the MAIN THANG: 1 lap around the track to loosen up a bit and […]

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Non Man-Maker Q

YHC was getting a little worried that man makers would scare off the Pax but two others showed up for the non man maker work.  At one time, an audible could have been called to man makers but YHC was not going to change knowing we have burpees scheduled.  The Pax informed me after the […]

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Good call Pusher

Another freezing morning, at least that’s what the thermometer said. But all the pax agreed it felt warmer on the tar at the Shipyard. Given so many have been beat up by sister flu’zie recently (YHC included and Sugar for a 2nd round) I was pleased to see 9 post. Disclaimer was given My intention […]

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Workout schedule for February 3, 2017 at the Shipyard. Disclaimer given. Grab a coupon and meet on the practice field COP Following OYO Warm Up 100 Merkins 100 Overhead Press 100 Reverse Crunch 100 Squats Main Thang Line up on the goal line. Farmer carry the block to the 10 yd. line, do 10 curls, […]

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Be All You Can Be!!!!

The idea of doing the Army Physical Fitness Test as one of the workouts has been tossed out several times in the past, but (I’m guessing due to the perceived time frame limitations of the workout) has never been put into play. Well… until today. A few weeks ago UJ made the comment that he […]

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Under the Bright side of the Moon

9 pax showed up at the Shipyard under the light of a pre-super, blue, blood moon. Those pax pondered heading to Starbucks but they chose the harder thing and the following is what occurred. YHC had pre-packed Coupons in the back of his truck. The pax each grabbed one and moseyed to the bottom of […]

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Gomer Pyle visits the Shipyard

This BB is so late. I am so bad at posting BBs. We had fun this morning, i remember that. I am certain it was freezing cold but …I have no idea how cold, anymore. That did not stop us from sweating. I do remember this…if Baby Blu would have showed up, after he HC’d […]

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Save Piddler’s Legs!

Temperature: muggy 60-something degrees, not bad for mid-late January Weather: muggy and wet from rain but all was done by the time we started Disclaimer given, started right on time Warmup: SSH x 20 IC Merkins x 20 IC Slow Squat x 20 IC Merkins x 15 IC Imperial Walkers x 20 IC Merkins x […]

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Getting Back to Where We Started

YHC has been in the habit lately of reusing previous Q’s.  Its easier to write the BB and at times time is limited for planning a Q, but apparently not getting them written on time.  YHC has also been Q’ing a Thursday upper body only workout in preparation for the P200. I have been convicted […]

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