Forgive Yourself If You Think You Can

14 pax posted at the fountain and headed out for various routes and distances. We circled up, we were named, we made an announcement and we prayed. Announcements: The workout is at Terrapin tomorrow. Dixie Chick on the Q. Prayer Requests/Praise Reports (Thanks to Fabio for lifting us up in prayer) Thumpers mother passed away […]

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Valentine “Heart-On” run

Conditions: 42 and cool

Today is Valentine’s day.  YHC assumed that this “manufactured commercial holiday” may affect the numbers.   I was thinking some PAX may opt for the warmth of the, um, Fartsack.  However, I’ve learned to admit it when I’m wrong.   And, I was totally wrong. We had 40 PAX show up to get in some solid work.   Several folks ran, some folks rucked, but everybody worked.   Everyone departed at various times for various distances, but everyone safely returned. YHC did give the disclaimer to the 8 that left at 5:15 a.m.

Thumper and Refugee ran a 8.3 mile heart-shaped route.  So, they were the only ones (that I know of) that got their “heart-on” while they ran.  Maybe one day, everyone can get their heart-on, too. Good work, guys! Below if a picture of their route

Dixie Chick announced that the Run Q sheet is very thin. So, he needs folks to step up and Q.  It ain’t hard.  #LeadersLead

We specifically prayed for Flossy and other PAX dealing with injuries.   We also prayed for Dixie Chick’s father, who is recovering from a Stroke.

It was a pleasure to be back on the Q after an extended absence.  Hope to be back soon.


Judge Judy

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Starbucks run with Koby on top

Weather was fine. Disclaimer given (for all 2 of us that actually started at 5:15). Everyone ran every which way and all converged back at 6am. NOR COR Announcements: Saturday at Epicenter, 2nd F opportunities Prayer requests: All PAX and families, Juggs and M, Flossy Though not many started together at the same time or […]

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2 for a Slow Hustle

After spending the weekend watching Koby run in circles for almost 24 hours, it was only fitting that Quicky and I were together again for Hustle. We both decided that we would go  for an Out-and-Back instead of running the 1/4 mile repeats that I had planned. We headed out from Emerald HS and went […]

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Starbucks run with Steffi and F3Lex

Temp was chilly compared to yesterday, but not bad at 34 degrees. Good weather for a run. Disclaimer was given at 0515, and all PAX who had not dispersed already left Starbucks on various routes to return in 45 minutes. We had sprinters, long-distancers, in-betweens and ruckers all out among the ‘Wood in the gloom. […]

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A Killer Hustle

Last night Flossy floated it out that he needed a sub for the Hustle Q for today. I agreed to take the Q with a few stipulations. I am on a taper for the Hallucination so I would be able to lead a workout but not participate. With the terms agreed to, I started putting […]

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Just #gettingbetter

14 pax showed up in Uptown Greenwood this morning to start their week off right with a run.  It was a comfortable 42° and a disclaimer was given at the 2 minute warning. As is the norm for the Monday Out and Back, some left early, some ran fast, some ran slow, some walked, but […]

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Pepe Le Pew

10 pax got up early today to log miles of thier choosing. T-claps to Meatloaf for getting up extra early and logging a PR.  Great work.   Announcements 3rd week of Saluda launch.  Leaving Shipyard parking lot at 6:00 Saturday morning.  Boot Camp at 7:00.  Flossy is QIC. No official Boot Camp scheduled for Saturday. […]

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A run between 2 polar vortexes

19 pax logged some miles around #TheWood on a muggy spring like morning before the return of the Polar Vortex (Part II). Pax went here and there, pax went everywhere. Some ran hills, and OnB. Some went XL, some chose regular.  Either way you were there unless you weren’t and then you were not. You […]

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