The 4 Corners at Hamburger Hill

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…… Juggernaut brought Inspector and YHC to a mythical place of torture that he had discovered and aptly named Hamburger Hill. Hidden in the dark recesses of an empty office parking lot was a junior Junior. On this monster we crawled up and down again and again. YHC remembered a hill surprisingly as steep and possibly a little longer was used back on NAS Patuxent River to cause hate and discontent to all of us SAR Dogs. The parking lot was similar in size and so a workout in ode to those good ole days was finally in order.

62F and clear skies

Given, plus an apology for the horrible things to come.

30 Burpees

Team Pull-ups
3 on the bar, 3 planking it up
On the bar:
P1/P2/P3 all dead hang
P1 pull up & return to dead hang
P2 pull up & return to dead hang
P3 pull up & return to dead hang
Rinse & Repeat until each pax performs 5 pull ups. FlapJack with the plankers.

Mosey with 2 coupons to Hamburger Hill next to the real Epic Center on Birchtree Dr.

Hamburger Hill
5 Rds of 4 Corners
Lunge Walk
Leg Lifts 50/40/30/20/10 (drop 10 each rd)
Bear Crawl
20 Pike Merkins feet on coupons
Lunge Walk 1st 3 rds/Kareoke 4th & 5th rds
Backwards run up hill/bear crawl down

Mosey back to the Prison Yard
Everyone carries their own coupon back.

Team Pull ups same as above.

30 BBSUs

Fusion tomorrow….. “but Alpo, today’s Thursday.” Thanks Piddler.

-Thumper & Family

Unplugged making it a deuce pack for the wk at Fury, and 4 of the 5!

Sunshine was the only one to finish all 5rds. Dude started off pushing the pace and never let off the gas.

Tootsie Roll & I talked last night, and he still posted knowing it was going to be something testing his injury. The man has grit.

YHC staged 4 coupons, water bottles, & music before the workout so that we could stay motivated. The music must have been to Inspectors’ liking because he offered up no complaints.

Back in the parking lot, Piddler stated that I had a knack of calling 2 or 3 exercises for the whole Q making it really hard, but not to the point to where it got boring. Aye. Thanks.

The workout was something I performed as a Rescue Swimmer to prepare my legs and shoulders for SAR situations. On a few horrible occasions we had to perform it wearing our mask and snorkels. 🤔Maybe we can do that for next time. It was an honor and privilege. SYITG.

JKS – Alpo

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Blister in the Sun

6 guys decided to start their day with an hour long workout at Fury.  It was slightly colder than I anticipated, but we got warmed up pretty quick.  I had to call an audible due to ground saturation but I think it actually worked well.  It went down like this:   Warmup SSH * 25 […]

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I’m Digging in the Dirt…To Find the Places I Got Hurt

Diggin in the Dirt by Peter Gabriel. I thought the song above was relevant given our recent dirt convos.   After several of my recent Qs had poor attendance, I was worried that Thursday at Fury may be more of the same.  After all, Meter Q’d there on Tuesday, and it was just the two […]

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Leg Day @ Fury

Usually most of my Q’s will include a workout that hits all muscle groups, but here lately I’ve wanted to start concentrating on one primary section. First up… The Legs! Knowing that we have several dealing with leg injuries and also not knowing how a hour of leg work would go, I put out a […]

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Caught in the Act

Admittedly, I did roll in about 30 seconds late.  My apologies for that.  But it was obvious Alpo and Inspector wanted no part of the workout as they were already in their respective vehicles, engines on, and backing out of the parking lot.  They claim they were heading to the Shipyard, I am not so […]

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2 Man Fury

A lot of solid options out there today so I was expecting a small crowd at Fury.  Alpo let me know he was unavailable (probably teaching people how to public speak) but I knew I could count on Inspector (well maybe not as he no showed).  Fortunately Pacer sent me an early morning text that […]

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“Strength Work” done at Fury

7 Pax posted for a not so typical F3 Boot Camp at Fury. Most Fury Boot Camps are high intensity, always on the move, kick your arse workouts. And while these are great, from time to time it’s nice to be able to throw around a little weight (Gotta temp Sour to post somehow). Unfortunately […]

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Piddler Q’ing in Dream Land

The Hard Commit Train ended with 3 pax committing to post for q workout Q’d by Piddler.  Unfortunately, Piddler never showed. YHC woke up this morning, got dressed, and headed out the door for Fury as usual except for the fact that I was about 10 minutes earlier than normal.  That was a good thing, […]

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Fury…It’s Abtastic

6 PAX showed up at 5:00am to get better at Fury.  YHC is currently training for a couple of running/obstacle adventures so I needed to get in a few miles.  That said, I am also currently in the middle of a self imposed January 10,000 ab exercise challenge so I needed some ab work as […]

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Four for Fury

While planning for the workout, I knew I wanted to incorporate some complex KettleBell sequences (been watching PrimalSwoldier on YouTube again) while also using the BattleRope (testing this out for the first time) but also getting some more cardio in to keep the heart rate elevated. I think all of the goals were accomplished. Disclaimer […]

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