3 PAX for a Triple Dora

Its Thursday again and for YHC that means no running, yay, yay because I’m a runnin fool (shout out to Uncle Buck) training for the P200 and Thursday and Sunday are my days off from running.  Anyway that means all bootcamps I lead on Thursday are upperbody and abs.  I tweeted out the plan Wednesday […]

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Let there be light… Then Darkness spread

12 Pax couldn’t wait to see the TRUE “A” player, that Duggar spoke of yesterday, known as Meyer Maid. Unfortunately they were met by Meter Maid. Far from an “A” player. Unless the “A” is the initial of a certain adjective commonly used to describe me. Since the work was to be done at the […]

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Three’s Company Too!

The Starfish Challenge: born 4/8/17 Disclaimer: Given COP: Run to roundhouse in the center. The Thang: Starfish -1st round: From Round House in center of complex: Center – Australian Mountain Climbers x25 Run to end of each arm of the starfish do exercise listed below for each station, then return to center for Australian Mountain […]

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Polly Says I’m Insane

Thursday is YHC day off from leg work and running so I’m trying to Q several Thursday’s to insure its a stationary upperbody and ab beatdown.  YHC lacked creativity and didn’t want to repeat a recent Q so on the drive over the Epicenter I decided to do the deck of death, only I didn’t […]

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The day tinky winky died

Cobains for the extremely tardy backblast.  It’s been a crazy week since this workout and I can come up with plenty of excuses, but I won’t offer any up.  I just didn’t get it done in a timely manner.  But I did beat Duggar who had the Q at the Epicenter two days prior to […]

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Epicenter 1/18/2018

It’s cold(15*). I’m over it. I think it’s safe to say most of us are. In spite of the cold temps, 5 men posted at the Epicenter for some quality time in the gloom. Disclaimer given and we got started at 5:15. Warmup: 20 SSHs and 20 Imperial Walkers Mosey to the Gazebo THE THANG: […]

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No Frills, Just Chills

YHC was curious to see what the Tuesday crowd would look like this week at the Epicenter. Will it be standing room only, the two man ball of man again, or shall YHC be the Last Jedi? With high hopes, I prepared an old school beatdown for the pax. We started with 4 dedicated pax, […]

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Leg Day Recovery

Total is a leg recovery day for YHC.  Training for the P200 Ultra Team has me running a lot of miles and a rest day is needed but I still want to maintain a well rounded workout so todays focus is on upperbody and abs. Disclaimer given Mosey to the coupons grab one and circle up […]

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Tuesday at the Mothership

Yesterday was the day Alabama’s Tide somehow pulled a rabbit out of their hat and beat the better, Georgia Bulldogs. Like my daddy sometimes said though, “the sun shines on the –s of a dog every now and then”. Last night, it shined. Anyway, it was a good, close game and as a result YHC […]

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Frozen Starfish

YHC was told the previous night that some of the faithful could not be present due to Crud or injury. I knew many would stay away, but fortunately Ben Gay appeared on this frigid Thursday to face the frozen Starfish. After ruling out just going to Starbucks, we proceeded with the scheduled beatdown. I’m still […]

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