Fitness – Fellowship – Faith

First F – Fitness

The First F of F3 is Fitness. It is the First F that brings men like us together.

Bettering yourself by answering the call to break through the physical limits you have previously set.

Want to find out more about becoming stronger, faster, and more physically fit?

1st F QIC – MeterMaid

Second F – Fellowship

“In F3 lingo, the 1st F is what brings us together (the Magnet) and the 2nd F is what holds us together (the Glue).

In F3 Greenwood, the PAX have several opportunities to find fellowship. After each Saturday workout, we gather at Howard’s on Main for #Coffeeteria. On Wednesday, we stay after our weekly Starbucks run to enjoy coffee. On Tuesday and Thursday, we have lunch opportunities for any PAX who wants to join – we meet at Jersey Mike’s on Tuesdays at 11:45 a.m. and Fusion on Thursdays at 12:45 p.m. In addition, we have several opportunities throughout the year to gather and fellowship, whether it’s a Happy Hour, campout, or golf.

It’s always a fun and entertaining time when we get together!”

2nd F QIC – JudgeJudy

Third F – Faith

In F3 the 3rd F is the dynamite. It’s where a man is not just showing up for a workout or fellowship, he is looking outside of himself to how he can serve others. He is looking for opportunities where he can make a positive impact in the world around him. He is engaged and seeking areas of service where he is most gifted and can have the most impact.

3rd F QIC – Meatloaf


Whetstone is a mentoring program designed to provide an accountability mentor to PAX that desire someone to fill that role. “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17.

The purpose of Whetstone is to sharpen men, to improve in areas of their life that need improvement.

The Whetstone mentor asks the tough questions to provide a “sharpening” of the PAX in these areas.

Whetstone QIC – BabyBlu

F3 Dads

F3 Dads was started in order to provide PAX an opportunity to show and share “The Gloom” (1st F-Fitness) with their kids (2.0s). This is done in several ways.

  • On the 4th Saturday of each month (usually Spring to Fall) all PAX bring their 2.0s to a special workout starting at 8am at the Fury Site. All PAX, young and old, are led through a kid-friendly workout for fun and to show the kids how hard their dads are working during the week. It’s also a great opportunity to teach the F3 Lexicon, or at least some of it, to the 2.0s. Afterwards, the group enjoys breakfast at Chic-Fil-A for a good dose of 2nd F (Fellowship).
  • In the Spring and Fall each year, we have a F3 Dad/Kid Campout at The Oasis at Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. This has become a popular event as PAX and their 2.0s are able to spend a weekend together away from normal distractions of life. The weekend includes great food and fellowship, as well as a Saturday morning workout followed by lots of fun activities (fishing, campfire, throwing football/Frisbee, etc). It is also an opportunity to show and share the 3rd F (Faith) through evening devotions and one-on-one discussions between Dad and 2.0.

As fathers, we are called to Lead, Feed, Guard, and Protect our kids. F3 Dads provides an opportunity for men to share quality time with their kids while we still have them at home. Come join us!!

F3 Dads QIC – Boy George