Soggy Bottoms at the Shipyard

6 pax posted at the Shipyard for some work on what I thought would be a less soggy turf field. I was wrong…


25 SSHs

25 IWs

25 Goblet Squats

25 curls

25 Alpos

Mosey to the football field for the MAIN THANG:

1 lap around the track to loosen up a bit and get the blood flowing

Line up on goal line

Starting on the goal line, 30 merkins and 30 big boy situps. Lunge walk 10 yds, 25 merkins, 25 BBsitups, continue lunge walk and reduce reps by 5 until you reach midfield.

Starting on the 50yd line, 30 monkey humpers and 30(count one side) American hammers. Bear crawl 10 yds and reduce reps by  5 until reaching the goal line.

1 more lap around the track before heading to the concrete monster

5 rounds: 20 (count one leg) flutter kicks at the bottom, run to the top of the CM, 20(count both legs) Bonnie Blairs

We had a couple minutes left so we wrapped up with 50 calf raises and 1 minute wall sit.

Time called at 6AM.


Count, Names

Announcements: BC Saturday at Terrapin

Prayer Requests: My father had a stroke  yesterday morning, and pax  who are dealing with personal injuries or  illness in their families.

Closed in Prayer

It was much soggier on the professional field than I expected. By the time we reached the 50yd line after doing all the BB situps, we were soaked and dripping wet. The wind also made it much colder than we expected today.

Great job today, men! Thank you for posting and pushing me to get better everyday.