Let there be light… Then Darkness spread

12 Pax couldn’t wait to see the TRUE “A” player, that Duggar spoke of yesterday, known as Meyer Maid. Unfortunately they were met by Meter Maid. Far from an “A” player. Unless the “A” is the initial of a certain adjective commonly used to describe me.

Since the work was to be done at the Gazebo, I arrived early to deliver the speaker and Weinke, and upon my arrival I noticed that the entire Epicenter seemed to be lit up. A sight rarely seen under the previous AOQ’s term in office (despite his connections with the County). Congrats Polly. The Gazebo itself was also lit up. Good because it made reading the Weinke easier, bad because now you can see everyone’s face clearly and see how much beauty sleep we give up to post.

I also made a trip around to the Coupon cage to unlock it in an effort to save time. As I headed back to the Shovel Flag and noticed a good size crowd growing I checked the watch… 5:14. Oops. Need to get things rolling. So I increased my stroll to a mosey and shouted out the disclaimer as I was heading through the Parking Lot. Just before reaching the group, and as Duggar is rolling in, I informed them that the warm-up will be a Mosey, so I did a u-turn and headed back in the direction I came from. We moseyed to the Coupon Cage to procure a coupon and then moseyed to the well lit Gazebo.

The Work:

Perform 50 reps of each exercise followed by a rep decline of Bonnie Blairs

Pull-Ups (Crowd Pleaser)
Bonnie Blairs x10 (Count one leg)
Tricep Extensions
Bonnie Blairs x9
Overhead Presses
Bonnie Blairs x8
Bonnie Blairs x7
Kettle Bell Swings
Bonnie Blairs x6
Run to and around the building at the center of the Epicenter and return to the Gazebo
Bonnie Blairs x5
Bent Over Rows
Bonnie Blairs x4
Shoulder Shruggs
Bonnie Blairs x3
Bonnie Blairs x2
Chest Presses
Bonnie Blairs x1
Burpees (Crowd Pleaser)

Ab Ripper (all OYO)

V-Ups x10
Leg Raises x20
Big Boys x30
American Hammers x40 (Count one side)
Flutter Kicks x50 (Count one leg)
Superman (hold for 30 seconds)

Recover and return coupons

Right at 5:45 the lights went out in the Gazebo. We had previously tried to get Polly (when he worked with the County) to have them reset the timer to 6:15. Congrats Polly.

I was a little late getting the music started (after I completed the Pull-ups). But when it did get started it got started fast and heavy. So much so that someone thought it was Marilyn Manson. It was actually One Step Closer by Linkin Park. Close, but not quite Marilyn Manson. It was questioned to see if the volume was turned up enough to drowned out Polly’s mumble chatter. While that was not the intention it must have worked. Mumble Chatter was at a minimal. Congrats Polly.

Even though the Mumble Chatter was at a minimum, the effort was not. As to be expected with a strong group everyone worked hard and a couple of guys completed all 50 of the Burpees before I called recover to move onto the Ab work. I thought about letting the Burpees run their course but did not want to leave out the ab work.

I don’t get over to the Epicenter too often, I mean it’s all the way across town, so it was good to get a chance to workout with several of the Epi regulars. Also stole a few Fury and Shipyard regulars too. Each AO has something different to offer and it’s always good to change things up a bit, so if you are feeling like you’re in a rut, try visiting a different AO. Branch out and don’t be afraid to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. The real improvement begins when you are uncomfortable.

We circled up, counted up, named up, announced up, lifted prayer requests up, and prayed it up.

Until the next Q…
The Meter is paid in full

And one last time, just because it never gets old… Congrats Polly!!!