Blister in the Sun

6 guys decided to start their day with an hour long workout at Fury.  It was slightly colder than I anticipated, but we got warmed up pretty quick.  I had to call an audible due to ground saturation but I think it actually worked well.  It went down like this:



SSH * 25 IC

50 Calf Raises OYO

50 Block Curls OYO

20 Pull-ups OYO


Mosey to Dog Park Gazebo


Gazebo Work

Modified Hero “Job” WOD


3 Rounds

20 Burpees

50 Ab exercises (Picnic table leg raises, Big Boi Sit-ups, Russian Twists (count right side only))

60 Bonnie Blairs (count both legs)

25 Merkins

1 lap around pond (approximately 800 meters)


Once finished, complete the following:


AMRAP work

50 Ab exercises of your choice

50 Squats

50 Calf Raises

25 Dips

(most were in round 3 when time was called)




  • Quality work by all who showed up.
  • Good to see Unplugged again.  Two weeks in a row.  Dude is putting in solid work.
  • Papercut with a Fury appearance.  Had a good showing as well.
  • Unplugged wanted some Violent Femmes, but they were not on the play list.  I do have a set of blisters on my toes, so close enough.
  • Music was a random shuffle of 90’s era alternative.  Even some stuff Inspector couldn’t even name.
  • Picnic table leg raises continue to be my Fury Ab exercise of choice.
  • The “Job” WOD actually calls for 15 pull-ups instead of the ab exercises.  Due to the ground being totally saturated, we elected to move the work to the gazebo.  Thus, the pull-ups were nixed.
  • Bonnie Blairs – no comment.